Scarecrow Festival


Scarecrow Festival – starting on the 2nd November and running through to the 8th.

Our Bonfire has become such an iconic event in the community and it brings important money into the church and our work but also serves a second purpose in bringing the community together and bringing so much happiness.

Our hope is that the Scarecrow Festival can also bring a different type of happiness to people in the Community and also bring in money to our work at the Church. We are also going to be splitting those funds with Hinchliffe Mill J&I School who have also seen a massive impact on their own fundraising this year; so we wanted to do something to help there as well.

There are a total of 35 individual places that will have Scarecrows and the map will be available to download shortly. It will also be available from Londis from the 1st November. There is a web page set up for people to download and also make a donation at the following place that Matt has set up:

The map will be available from this coming weekend, with Scarecrows in place from the 2nd November! Hope that you will all get involved.