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Thrive is an informal gathering for worship. Join us in church or online. Every Sunday at 4pm.

Re-launch for 2021

2021 is a new year with new challenges. St David’s is encouraging everyone to see the year as a Year of Kindness: to Others and to Ourselves.

Our conviction is that God’s desire is for each and every person’s Wellbeing: Our own wellbeing, the wellbeing of others locally and globally and the wellbeing of the whole planet. Jesus called this ‘the Kingdom of God’

We could say he wants us to Thrive whatever our current circumstances.

Through the first few months of 2021 we will be looking at a wide range of Wellbeing issues which we hope will make a lasting difference in our lives and in many other people’s lives.

Thrive will have an important role in how we do this.

The vision is for the Thrive gathering to be a place of questions, of true sharing and honesty: A place of real growth as followers of Jesus where we can apply our faith to every aspect of our lives and make a real difference.

To this end Thrive will experiment with a new time Sundays at 6pm

It will follow up the Wellbeing theme of the weekly video/main online service, giving people an opportunity to engage at a deeper level, to ask questions and discuss.

Our hope is that everyone taking part, just by taking part, will help shape and develop this important expression of worship and fellowship

I’m really excited about the possibilities here – I’d love it if you’d join in!

If you’d like a direct Zoom link for the day just email:

Thrive - Online Event

This required zoom using your devices camera and microphone. Please read our instructions and ask if you need help.

There are currently no Live Streams scheduled.

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